Alpha Whey


Power-packed blend of fast absorbing whey protein and sustained releasing milk protein (rich in casein). Whey protein is rapidly absorbed and delivers all essential amino acids, speeding up muscle repair, growth and recovery.



Freshest and purest premium 100% Whey Protein Isolate that gets rapidly absorbed in your digestive tract allowing quick delivery of protein. Delivering 28g protein per scoop – one of the highest in the category along with naturally occurring BCAAs and EAAs that supports in muscle protein synthesis.

Mass Gainer


Made from 100% fresh cow's milk, giving you a healthy balance of the freshest blend of protein and carbohydrates to help you gain lean muscle mass. Each 60g scoop offers the highest protein (25.5g) in the mass gainer segment along with 24g carbohydrates and naturally occurring 5.7g BCAA and 4.3g glutamic acid.

Nitro Massive Mass


3 gram Creatine in every scoop for increased mass gain and increased strength. Made form 100% fresh cow’s milk, giving you healthy balance of freshest blend of protein and carbohydrates to help you gain mass the right way.

Whey Protein


Whey protein can be separated from the casein in milk or formed as a by-product of cheese making. Whey protein is considered a complete protein as it contains all 9 essential amino acids. It is low in lactose content.