20GM Protein Bar


The protein content of 20g in one bar includes almonds and whey protein, but no soy. The prebiotic fiber of 10g added in the bar maintains a healthier gut boosting gut microflora. Omega 3s of 300mg adds on the Alpha-linolenic acid obtained from flax seeds. Contains 4:1 unsaturated to saturated fats ratio.

5GM Protein Bar


your new favourite source of Protein through the day. This delicious bar is enriched with Triple Blend Protein, Powered with Natural Ginseng, 16 Vitamins & Minerals and 5.1GM of protein

8GM Protein Bar


8g protein per serving: With each MB Energy Bar that you consume, you are fueled with 8g protein to keep you energized and active. ... The bar contains whey protein concentrate and serves as a quick protein bite. Packed with nuts and seeds: Each bar contains quality nuts and seeds to enrich you with various nutrients.